hunter international associates


Who are we?

Our multinational team consists of professionals with extensive qualifications, experience and knowledge at senior levels in the UK and China and with core specialties in major management disciplines. They understand the strategic challenges facing the Chinese Healthcare sector, have a wide knowledge of manufacturing capabilities in China and can provide a bespoke approach to individual requirements.  Committed to delivering genuine sustainable benefits, we take a hands-on role in each project to ensure solutions are not only developed but also implemented to generate designed values for the clients. China presents enormous opportunities as well as challenges for businesses that seek sustainable growth in the global market. Drawing upon the abundant in-depth experience and expertise of our team in both Western and Eastern cultures, we can use their specialised and unique skills in helping clients understand the cultural differences and develop customised solutions suitable for the Chinese marketplace. We believe in mutual trust and partnership, and work with clients from the very beginning to create solutions and progress the projects to a successful conclusion with tangible results and lasting value.